Our story

We believe that the real purpose in life is in making sure that you live an adventure.

There are those that want to, and then there are those that do.  Austin and I have always been ones that do.   And since we dream big, we took our love for new experiences and exploring the outdoors and went to work to brand our lifestyle.  Bear Tree Hammocks was born.

The fun hasn’t stopped.  Each and every day we are finding the adventure in life, and with it we are building the Bear Tree legacy.

The Bear Tree Family

HerrickOwner, Adventurer
Life is what you make of it
AustinBear Tree Partner, Best Friend
Support is essential in success
Team Bear Tree
Team Bear TreeGeneral business adventurers and amigos
Bear Tree Hammocks is ready for an adventure… are You?
YouThe Life of Bear Tree Hammocks
Be the leaf in a Bear Tree

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