The Hammock Reinvented

The “Harrock” standard chair, named after the creator, is made with comfort and fun in mind. 54 inches by 54 inches, the mini version of our standard hammock allows for sitting in an upright, swinging position.

Made of polyester ripstop for extra flexibility and comfort, this little side kick is just what you needed. It’s a camping chair and swing in one.

The hammock chair has a weight rating of 250 lbs, and it is available in Green River, Misty Mountain Blue, and Touch of Grey.

And, like our standard Full On hammock, it comes with everything you need to clip it in and start swaying, all in one convenient, compact bag.

Why Are We The Best?

We want to be the brand you relate to the most

Outside of the ordinary can be extraodinary, if you let it.

You have heard it before, but we will say it again. We will fix it if we can!

Same concept, New design

Everything you love about the hammock, but with a twist.  The Harrock will have you chilling in a position more conducive to having a good time.

Fun Size

Half the size of the traditional hammock, this smaller version is twice the fun.  A favorite with kids and adults alike, the Harrock chair is just the right size for sitting, swinging, and relaxing.

Loaded With Options

Just like the original, it comes in three bold colors and has utility tabs for easy conversion into a spread banner.

Rethink the way you hang out... Harrock

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